The research points to a “lawyer for new times”. These results actually confirm something which we have noticed and adapted to in our own practice, if only on an intuitive basis rather than a systemic one. Our “private lawyer” concept seems to address the expectations of clients from a certain social and professional demographic.

We find ourselves always short of time, and we try to maintain some sort of a balance between our professional and private lives. Accordingly, the need arises to entrust our various affairs to a single professional, personal advisor. Also, our personal affairs as well as our legal, financial, and tax matters are becoming ever more complex, so professional advice is called for in new realms of life. And looking for the right specialist can be a time-consuming enterprise in and of itself. The private lawyer offers a comprehensive approach to legal services, coordinating various matters and recommending specialists from other fields as needed. The diversity of specialists working at GESSEL enables us to offer such a comprehensive service. Added value is provided in the fact that, as we advise a client on resolving a given legal problem, we can continue working with him in other areas. A classic example would be that of a divorce case, with the attendant need to reorganise many aspects of one’s life – certainly finances and assets but, sometimes, also in professional life. Thus, the private lawyer serves two basic purposes – greater peace of mind and feelings of security for the client, and a time-saving role fulfilled by coordinating and organising advice on various professional and private matters.