It’s not as if small enterprises don’t stand a chance in disputes with multinationals, even in cases being heard by foreign courts.

A claim brought by a multinational with global reach before a court in some far-off land, to be considered in foreign-language proceedings conducted in accordance with foreign law, is enough to give many directors from the SME sector palpitations. Yet the outcome of such a David vs Goliath scenario does not have to be a foregone conclusion. An arbitration tribunal sitting in New York recently dismissed in its entirety a claim brought by Subway, the international sandwich chain, against its Polish franchisee. (...)

Natalia Jodłowska, attorney with GESSEL, agrees. “The practice of our firm confirms that small, local companies are by no means powerless in disputes with global corporations. Over the past few years, we have successfully represented Polish companies in arbitration disputes with global giants”, Jodłowska explains.

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