The German Desk team provides comprehensive legal services to German-speaking clients. We handle transactions under both Polish and German law.

Our lawyers advise entities conducting business or planning transactions in Poland. In addition, we assist Polish enterprises in transactions with partners from German-speaking countries and in transactions in Germany and other German-speaking jurisdictions.

We provide our clients with professional legal assistance in a full range – including in business matters and in all relevant areas of law.

  • We set up companies and take care of their proper functioning
  • We create, negotiate and conclude all kinds of contracts
  • We conduct due diligence to uncover risks to future investments
  • We advise on the acquisition, lease and divestment of real estate
  • We obtain the decisions and permits necessary to carry out the transaction and conduct business
  • We represent our clients in disputes before courts and administrative bodies
  • We prepare, negotiate and implement documentation for various types of financial transactions

The basic principle that unites our team is to build relationships based on respect and trust.

We have been advising entrepreneurs for 30 years, so we understand the nature of business and how to properly support it. We focus on efficiency, transparency and partnership.

Christian Schmidt


Christian Schmidt

Agnieszka Kolenda-Kuchcicka

Senior Associate

Agnieszka Kolenda-Kuchcicka


Selected projects

  • Advising a German home appliance manufacturer on the establishment of a unit to coordinate the activities of various distribution companies in the Central and Eastern European region
  • Divesting shares in an insolvency-prone new vehicle logistics company
  • Representation of a group of Polish turkey breeders in connection with complaint proceedings against a German feed manufacturer
  • Representation of Synthos Green Energy and Orlen before the Bundeskartellamt in connection with their intention to form a joint venture;
  • Advising PROTEA on the acquisition of a 100% stake in AXXIA GmbH
  • Drawing up an opinion on the agreement between the Polish State Treasury and EEX AG in Leipzig for the auction of greenhouse gas emission allowances (IOŚ – PIB / KOBIZE)
  • Advising ACTION S.A. on the acquisition of Devil AG’s assets in bankruptcy from the trustee
  • Advising Medort S.A. on the acquisition of the assets of the Meyra Orthopedics Group in Kalletal-Kalldorf in bankruptcy from the trustee
  • Advising Enterprise Investors on the acquisition of a 35% stake in Ballroom International CEE Holding GmbH and on the subsequent sale of shares in the company

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