Energy, public procurement, infrastructure projects

We advise clients operating in the energy sector in the broadest sense, as well as advising on many other business areas directly affected by energy industry issues. We operate both in the area of professional (conventional) and renewable energy.

We also support clients in the investment process of infrastructure projects and public procurement proceedings.

  • Consulting in the investment process of energy and infrastructure projects
  • Support in regulatory and environmental issues both in the area of professional (conventional) and RES power generation
  • Preparing and leading the contracting process for energy and infrastructure projects (selection of contractors and negotiation of contracts)
  • Comprehensive advice on participation in public procurement proceedings, including representation before the NAC
  • Negotiation of connection agreements and energy and gas supply contracts
  • Support in obtaining financing for RES projects, as well as in the acquisition or sale and commercialization of complete RES projects

Specialization services

Conventional energy I Infrastructure projects
Regulatory issues
Renewable energy

The basic principle that unites our team is to build relationships based on respect and trust.

We have been advising entrepreneurs for 30 years, so we understand the nature of business and how to properly support it. We focus on efficiency, transparency and partnership.

Maciej Kożuchowski


Maciej Kożuchowski

Hubert Wiśniewski


Hubert Wiśniewski

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