Adam Kraszewski


Labor law, management contracts | Intellectual property law | Life Sciences and Health Care | Personal data

Specialises in employment law, the legal aspects of life science research, and intellectual property law.



Adam joined GESSEL in 2006, and became a partner in 2021. He is often called upon in complex matters which depart beyond the obvious, requiring an original approach rooted in many legal specialisations.

He helps to devise effective employment mechanisms (also for senior management) and internal regulations. Adam’s calm demeanour and ability to communicate difficult truths make him a valuable partner in dispute resolution. His employment law expertise is regularly drawn upon in other areas of the firm’s practice, e.g. transfer of an employing establishment in M&A contexts or collective labour agreements.

Adam’s experience in pharmaceutical law encompasses advertising, securing rights to a product, and introduction to the market. He has successfully led a number of projects geared at inclusion of highly specialised medicines in the national reimbursement scheme.

Also advises on copyright, trademarks, and legally protected personal interests. Coordinates the work of GESSEL’s personal data protection team. Author of articles and speaker in his areas of specialisation.


Employment law

  • Prepared over 100 management contracts and employment contracts with key personnel
  • Worked on complex incentive schemes
  • Advises on transfer of the employing establishment, retrenchment and group redundancies
  • Implements in-house work rules, remuneration rules, and collective labour agreements
  • Represents employers and employees in labour law disputes

Intelectual Property

  • Represents clients in intellectual property disputes
  • Advises on transfer of intellectual property

Personal data protection

  • Oversees GDPR compliance
  • Represents companies before the Polish Personal Data Protection Authority
  • Advises on responses to GDPR-related incidents

Life sciences

  • Has a long track record advising innovative biotech entities as well as established industry players
  • He has worked on the side of pharmaceuticals companies as well as healthcare providers, developing an understanding of their respective approaches and expectations
  • Advises on advertisement for medicinal products
  • He has advised on the legal aspects of experimental and off-label therapies and drug programmes
  • Unrivalled experience in serialisation and FMD

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Education and achievements

  • Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (2007) at which he also completed a postgraduate course in employment law (2009)
  • Postgraduate course in employment law and a programme in pharmacoeconomy, HTA, marketing and pharmaceutical law at the Warsaw Technical University Business School (2016)
  • Admitted to practice as an attorney in 2011

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