We are proud to note that the team of Aleksandra Czarnecka, trainee attorney at GESSEL and Maja Frontczak (of Romanowski i Wspólnicy) took first place in this year’s iteration of the Lewiatan Arbitration Moot.

Aleksandra Czarnecka is a participant of the second edition of our firm’s Mentorship Programme, currently working with the M&A team led by Małgorzata Badowska. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Jagiellonian University in 2016 and commenced her training articles in 2017.

The annual Lewiatan Arbitration Moot is the largest event of this sort for trainee lawyers in Poland. In classic moot style, the participants spend the first stage of the competition presenting written pleadings for the parties they were assigned to represent – on the claimant’s and defendant’s sides – in a fictitious case, and in the second they appear for their clients in simulated proceedings (held at the hospitable offices of eight Warsaw law firms supporting this event, including GESSEL).

This year’s competition involved 32 teams, each of them pleading for the claimant and for the defendant. GESSEL fielded two teams, which ended up facing off against each other in the semi-finals; our second team was composed of Maciej Marczewski, Bartosz Kolarz and Piotr Tracz.

Congratulations to both teams!