"Arbitration Diagnosis. Operation of Arbitration Law and Postulated Directions of Change”, edited by Dr Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz with Dr Łukasz Błaszczak, Dr Rafał Sikorski, Dr Maciej Zachariasiewicz, Dr Karol Zawiślak, and Dr Grzegorz Żmij as its co-authors, is published by the Lewiatan Confederation. It presents a comprehensive discussion of Polish arbitration law and sets out proposals as to how it might be streamlined in practice.

Dr Gessel’s long list of publications in the fields of M&A and commercial arbitration also includes a bilingual edition of “Arbitration in Poland” (Dr Gessel contributed some content as well as editing), a publication intended as a guide to practical operation of arbitration rules in Poland.