The Fifth Congress of Public Company Lawyers of the Association of Market Issuers was held on 5-6 March 2014 in Jachranka, with GESSEL as a partner of the event.

This edition of the Congress concentrated on changes of the current and quarterly disclosure requirements actuated by amendments of the relevant European Union laws, rules for reporting financial data, and on best practices with respect to general meetings. 

Leszek Koziorowski, partner in GESSEL and Krzysztof Marczuk, managing associate at GESSEL, joined Tomasz Bardziłowski Vice President of the Management Board of DI Investors, in leading a workshop entitled “ New bonds, new rules – Selected issues re the draft legislative Act regarding bonds” , discussing subjects such as:
  • The entities legally competent to issue bonds;
  • The bond issue process, the issue documentation;
  • The meeting of bondholders;
  • New types of bonds;
  • Qualifications of the entity valuating the security.