On 18 June, a meeting of the HR working group convened by GESSEL and the British Polish Chamber of Commerce will be held, discussing the legal and practical aspects of initiating and terminating the employment relationship. 

What does the law say ?  How does this compare to practice, and to the position adopted by the courts once matters proceed to litigation ?  What are the possible complications, and how to deal with them ?  These, and other, topics will be tackled by Paulina Rudowicz-Jastrzębska.



  • 9:30-10:45 Introduction, presentation:
  1. Choice of the employment form – “classic” employment contract vs. civil law forms (commission contract, contract for completion of a specified task);
  2. The civil law forms – elements of relevance to formulating and performing the contract;
  3. The employment contract – elements of relevance to formulating and performing the contract;
  4. Termination of the employment contract – general issues;
  5. Termination of the employment contract – grounds attributable (or not attributable) to employees, crisis situations;
  6. After employment is terminated – what about confidentiality and non-competition ?
  • 10:45-11:30 Debate


Paulina Rudowicz-Jastrzębska built up her employment law expertise advising a number of domestic and international clients, and also as an in-house lawyer for one of Poland’s lager employers. She advises on drawing up internal work regulations and on implementation of optimum employment forms; she represents employers in employment disputes, and also advises on personal data protection (especially at the nexus of data protection law and employment law).


This free-of-charge event will be held at the BPCC offices at ul. Zielna 37 (9th floor). More information and a registration form are available at: http://bpcc.org.pl/pl/wydarzenia/jak-nie-zatrudniac-i-nie-zwalniac-pracownika. We do hope that you’ll join us !