As of 2018, the GESSEL Foundation for Zachęta-National Gallery of Art has the official status of a public usefulness organisation.

For over 5 years, we have been supporting young researchers channelling their passion into research projects devoted to modern culture and art.

We finance PhD scholarships and grant prizes for master’s theses, contributing to development of Polish academia and propagating culture.

Why is supporting culture worthwhile ?

To put it briefly, because culture is an important factor in development of society. “It is thanks to cultural competences and participation in culture that we build our identity, respect for tradition, and sense of belonging to a community and its history on the one hand and become more creative, innovative, open and tolerant on the other. And it is these traits that guarantee the development of any society. Culture thus becomes an important factor in building social capital, the nurturing of which – according to the Poland 2030 Report – is one of the ten developmental challenges facing modern Poland.”[1] 

How do I assign my 1% ?

In the relevant space of your personal income tax return, fill in the National Court Register number of our Foundation: 0000451568

For the official list of public usefulness institutions, please see:

[1] Monika Smoleń – “The role of culture in development. Why is it worth investing in culture ?”, lecture given during the Regional Congress of Culture in Łódź, 27-29.11.2011