Office of Rail Transportation commenced the procedure for withdrawal of PKP Energetyka's safety certificate. According to the state regulator – violations found during the inspection, which was carried out this year in April, evidence improper use of safety management system. This certificate allows the company to move its specialized machines on the tracks throughout the country, so that it can perform repairs and modernize the traction.

World experiences show that companies which have been privatised generally operate more efficiently and improve all their security procedures, because they are aware that as private companies they will be controlled by state regulators in greater detail, which is, after all, standard practice.

Curiously enough at present officials point out that they have initiated the inspection due to “increase in the number of railway traffic accidents and incidents”. This is particularly interesting because representatives of the fund which purchased PKP Energetyka report that since the privatisation the number of accidents in the company not only has not increased, but even decreased.