The Regional Court in Wrocław has handed down a decision of considerable significance to owners of industrial plants, in which energy tends to be one of the major operating costs items. The court vitiated an energy price increase on the grounds that the utilities supplier had failed to justify the price increase in reference to clearly defined and verifiable criteria. 

Companies for which energy is a major costs item have just gained a formidable tool in their struggle against utilities providers which, as of 2018, have been effectuating unilateral price increases – this thanks to the law form of Brysiewicz i Wspólnicy, which secured invalidation of a well-nigh 70% energy price hike for an industrial operation. The Regional Court in Wrocław accepted their reasoning that the practice of unilaterally increasing energy prices, as observable in the Polish market for many years, runs contrary to the Civil Code (...)

Full text (in Polish) is available on (30.01.2020).