The legal duty of officially filing websites of companies has been causing some confusion among managers and lawyers alike.

In accordance with art. 5.5 of the Polish Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code, as of 1 January 2020 joint stock companies as well as partnerships limited by shares must maintain websites and post, in spaces reserved for shareholder relations, the official company communiques required by their articles of association and by applicable laws. And, in accordance with art. 47.1 of the legislative Act regarding the National Court Register, these sites must be entered in the business enterprises register.

This is now giving rise to the following question: what, exactly, should be disclosed in the National Court Register: the main / home site of the company, or the specific site addressed to shareholders ?  Seemingly, this is but a formality, but one which has been keeping company directors awake at night – failure to comply with the statutory requirement may, in theory, lead to liquidation of the company !


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