Jakub Brzeski

Jakub Brzeski

Senior associate



Specializes in litigation. Apart from adversarial proceedings, also advised on insolvency and restructuring processes and on transactions. Led training seminars on the legal aspects of bankruptcy, restructuring, and bank and insurance guarantees. Regularly publishes in legal periodicals and in the nationwide press.

With GESSEL since 2020.


  • Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (2013)
  • Graduate in sociology, Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw (2012)


  • English
  • German 
  • Russian 


Bankruptcy and restructuring

  • Representation in a precedent-setting case concerning a “pre-pack” bankruptcy in the context of a transaction involving an organised part of a business enterprise valued at over PLN 30 mln
  • Advice to financial institutions as creditors in restructuring proceedings
  • Long-term cooperation with a receiver in bankruptcy
  • Advice to debtors in fast-track arrangement proceedings
  • Representation and advice at all the consecutive stages of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation of a member of the management board of a publicly listed company in proceedings concerning a ban on business activity


“CHF disputes”

  • Representation of banks in proceedings concerning credit facilities denominated in and/or pegged to the Swiss franc
  • Representation of banks in disputes concerning contractual clauses regulating insurance of low up-front payments by borrowers


Disputes centring on bank and insurance guarantees

  • Representation of a guarantee beneficiary in court disputes concerning refusal to pay out under the guarantee
  • Advice to insurers in legal suits brought by beneficiaries of insurance guarantees


Disputes centring on competition law

  • Representation in an appeal against an Office of Competition and Consumer Protection decision imposing a penalty for collusion in tender proceedings
  • Representation in a series of appeals against Office of Rail Transport decisions approving prices for access to railway infrastructure
  • Representation of a publicly listed company in an appeal against an Office of Competition and Consumer Protection decision imposing a penalty for abuse of dominant market position


Other civil and business disputes

  • Disputes centring on construction projects
  • Representation of a Client in a suit brought by a purchaser of claims seeking reimbursement of outlays towards real properties with disputed legal status
  • Disputes concerning trademarks and Community designs