About the Firm

The Tiger is taken from the painting by Ryszard Grzyb displayed at the reception desk at GESSEL’s offices at ul. Sienna in Warsaw. Along with our GESSEL logo, this symbol of strength and vitality has come to be a visual device loosely associated with our firm.

Ryszard Grzyb’s Tiger was the first painting in the considerable art collection of Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz, PhD , the firm’s founder and managing partner. The Tiger was soon joined by over a dozen other works by Ryszard Grzyb as well as a number of pieces by Edward Dwurnik and Tomasz Tatarczyk and individual works by other artists, including one by Mariola Przyjemska.


Ryszard Grzyb 1989, oil on canvas 220 x 120


Why do I buy paintings?

My motivation has more to do with a hobby than with financial investment. A very important motivation in any art purchase is my personal acquaintance with its author, a desire to own the work of a person to whom I relate as a friend or as an acquaintance. Owning a painting and, more importantly, interacting with it infuses life with a different, less down-to-earth dimension and facilitates psychological respite from the daily tensions and rush

explains Beata Gessel, senior partner of the GESSEL law firm.

“Again, my investments in art are decidedly a hobby, not a line of business, as attested to by my work for the Contemporary Art Collection Foundation of the National Museum in Warsaw (GESSEL for the National Museum in Warsaw). Our firm is a co-founder and sponsor of the Foundation, which collects works by contemporary Polish artists for inclusion in the holdings of the future Modern Art Museum, thus keeping them here in the country. This is pro bono work, with an unknown return on investment”.