On 6 November 2017, GESSEL hosted another business breakfast devoted to practical aspects of Polish employment law, focusing on employee outsourcing and other forms of retaining labour (legal basis, opportunities, and risks).

The goal of our successive Employment Law in Practice events is to familiarise participants with the nexus of labour law theory and practice, pointing out possible problems and discussing solutions.

This time around, the event concentrated on the legal basis for outsourcing employees and similar forms of retaining labour as well as the newest tendencies in these fields. Employers often turn to various alternative forms of retaining outside staff – for various reasons, running the gamut from costs optimisation and hiring caps to purely organisational issues. While the general concept is well suited to the times, what with the general shift from rigid nine-to-five schemes to the gig economy, the law does not always keep up. Some of the applicable regulations can be ambiguous, giving rise to risks for the employer – the authorities (and, indeed, the workers themselves) may raise questions as to who is the actual employer, the lines separating liability of workers and of the entity providing them can blur, and issues relating to confidentiality and non-compete clauses may arise.

The presentation was given by Dorota Bryndal, partner and by Adam Kraszewski, managing associate.

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