During its general meeting of 28 March 2018, the Polish Arbitration Association appointed its president as well as its board and audit committee for the next four-year period in office.

Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz was appointed as member of the Polish Arbitration Association’s board, along with Dr Ewa Butkiewicz, Andrzej Kąkolecki, Maciej Łaszczuk, Piotr Nowaczyk, Paweł Samborski, Prof Andrzej Szumański, Dr Maciej Tomaszewski, Dr Andrzej W. Wiśniewski, Dr Karol Zawiślak, Tomasz Zbiegień, Adam Zwierzyński and – as president of the board – Prof Eligiusz Krześniak. 

The Polish Arbitration Association has been active since 1990, bringing together individuals who share an interest in alternative dispute resolution and mediation. Its core objectives include popularisation and cultivation of ADR in the practical as well as theoretical spheres (also as regards research into application of Polish and international arbitration rules). The Association works to integrate Poland’s arbitration community and proactively supports its development, among other means through involvement in formulation of best practice codes, training events for arbitrators and mediators and liaising with academic centres which offer relevant degree courses. The Polish Arbitration Association is also active in the international sphere, cooperating – among other entities – with the European Arbitration Centre.