November will bring the elapse of two important deadlines in Polish employment law – the time limit for employment for a fixed term and of temp labour. Autumn promises to be a busy one for companies retaining staff on temp contracts. On 21 November 2018, the final limit for employment on a temporary basis will elapse... Is a wave of redundancies in the offing ?  Autumn will bring much change for Polish companies.

On 21 November, the final limit for employment pursuant to a fixed term contract will elapse. An employer wishing to continue working with a person hereuntil retained on a contract in force since at least 22 February 2016 will be bound by law to execute with such employee a new contract for an indefinite term. Late November, meanwhile, will bring elapse of the 18-month deadline for assigning a temporary worker to a single employer (...)

“The interest in these legislative provisions was considerable, so employers will know about the 33-month deadline and will have had ample time to adapt to these changes. Accordingly, I don’t think that they will lead to mass redundancies right now”, says Adam Kraszewski, attorney with GESSEL.

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