Tomasz Drągowski

Tomasz Drągowski

Of counsel
radca prawny

law regulating public dealing in securities


Laws regulating public in financial instruments in the capital markets, in particular private placements, public issues, and other transactions involving securities. Management options, share buy-backs, and acquisition of large blocks of shares in public companies, including tenders. Advises on compliance with disclosure duties and on licences for brokerages and investment funds. Represents Clients before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in proceedings related to its oversight and regulatory functions with respect to issuers, investment fund societies, brokers, advisors and other market participants.     

Between 1993 and 2005, worked in the Polish Securities Commission (SEC), serving as Deputy Head of its Legal Department, as member of its Examination Commission for Candidate Securities Brokers, and as coordinator of the Polish Securities Commission’s legislative work. In this latter capacity, authored many legislative instruments regulating the Polish capital market, including those on bonds (1995), investment funds (2000), public trade in securities (1997, 2003), the public offering (2005), trade in financial instruments (2005), and capital markets supervision (2005).

With GESSEL since 2005.


  • LLM from the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw
  • postgraduate degree in legislative issues
  • admitted to practice as an attorney in 1999


  • English