Leszek Koziorowski

Leszek Koziorowski

radca prawny

securities law department

Partner, radca prawny (attorney-at-law), leads GESSEL’s securities law department. Specialises in securities law and investment funds law.

Since 1994, advises on cases centring, among other issues, on public and private share and bond issues and merger and acquisition transactions on the stock exchange. Provides legal expertise in the establishment of brokerage houses and of investment funds, and also in their day-to-day operations. Advises publicly traded companies on corporate law matters (also as regards discharge of their reporting duties) and on various administrative and court proceedings involving the securities markets.

Joined GESSEL in 1999 and became a partner in 2002. From its very outset, Leszek’s career has been associated with the securities markets in Poland. He initially worked with the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission (now the Polish Financial Supervision Authority); in the meantime, he also held the position of vice chairman of the Examination Commission for Investment Advisors. He is still in arbitrator with the Exchange Court. Leszek has also sat on many supervisory boards e.g. the Supervisory Board of TAURON Polska Energia S.A. and of the Supervisory Board of Iglotex S.A.

Graduated from the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Law and Administration in 1994; admitted to practice as an attorney in 1998.

Recommended by “Rzeczpospolita” in its annual law firm rankings and by FORBES magazine as Poland’s best lawyer in the field of equity markets and IPO preparation. According to “Chambers Europe. Europe’s Leading Lawyers for Business”, he is a “talented and respected lawyer – definitely among the elite”.

A frequent commentator on issues pertaining to his field of practice and to the securities market in general. His articles and opinion pieces have appeared in “Przegląd Prawa Handlowego”, “Prawo Papierów Wartościowych”, “Radca Prawny”, “Rynek Kapitałowy”, “Rzeczpospolita”, “Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet”, and “Dziennik”.

Leszek’s interest in securities departs beyond the purely professional sphere. He is a collector of historical securities documents, and his interest in history of the equity markets and of the economy in general is pursued in the Association of Historical Securities Documents Collectors, of which he is the president since 2009. Leszek is the editor-in-chief of an annual publication devoted to the historical aspects of securities and the author of numerous writings on related topics, first and foremost of the book “Shares Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Until 1939”.


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