On Saturday, 16 June, a football team fielded by our firm took part in the Kapitalny Mundial event held at Warsaw’s Arena Futbolu (ul. Koncertowa 4, Ursynów).

The line-up of Marcin Macieszczak, Michał Boryczka, Maciej Boryczko, Paweł Kwiatkowski, Krzysztof Jasiński, Maciej Marczewski, Stanisław Najdek, Marcin Kasprzyk, Konrad Czech and Marcin Łaski (as a guest appearance) proudly represented our firm, undeterred by health problems and the usual workload. 

Congratulations, thank you for your sporting spirit !

Kapitalny Mundial 2018, part of the 6th Capital Markets Games, is a football tournament open to all and sundry participants of the Polish equity markets, including issuers, brokerage houses, licensed advisors, the business press, law firms, consultants and investor relations agencies. It involved several dozen matches following a special formula, much like the real World Cup. 18 squads participated, playing in accordance with tailored rules.

For a whiff of the guts and the glory, please see here: