Each company has its own specific operations and distinctive legal and business environment. Meanwhile, the number of regulations that must be complied with on pain of severe sanctions is increasing every year, even if irregularities were inadvertently caused.

Correctly responding to changes in the law, training management and staff, developing and implementing required policies, and adopting the right course of action when the authorities do step in are crucial to the company’s security.

We have chosen to bring our expertise together in a single, multidisciplinary practice, providing modular and tailored support to the business in developing compliance programs, implementing procedures, training staff and transferring the necessary competencies to key personnel. We advise on an ongoing basis on the choice of responses appropriate to the incident.

The interdisciplinary compliance team combines the experience of experts from various fields, including competition law, labour law, data protection, capital markets, and public procurement, among others. Members of the team are not only seasoned lawyers, but also have experience gained from working for regulatory bodies. The team supports clients in responding to the company’s changing legal and business environment, joining forces with the firm’s other departments as needed.

  • Reducing the risk of violations
  • Reducing the negative effects of the events that have occurred
  • Human resources training
  • Development of codes of conduct and anti-corruption policies
  • Develop mechanisms for reporting violations (whistleblowing)
  • Creating transparency and cooperation policies and anti-discrimination procedures
  • Creating instructions for events involving public authorities (e.g. dawn raids)

To ensure that a compliance program is not just a cost and adds value, it is worth ensuring that it is “bespoke”. If it is to bring tangible results, its holistic development is worth entrusting to professionals.

The basic principle that unites our team is to build relationships based on respect and trust.

We have been advising entrepreneurs for 30 years, so we understand the nature of business and how to properly support it. We focus on efficiency, transparency and partnership.

14. Bernadeta Kasztelan Swietlik 772x1158

Bernadeta Kasztelan-Świetlik


Bernadeta Kasztelan-Świetlik
29. Natalia Lesna 772x1158

Natalia Leśna

Senior Associate

Natalia Leśna
7. Karolina Olszewska 772x1158

Karolina Olszewska

Senior Associate

Karolina Olszewska
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Selected projects

  • Ongoing advice to WYBOROWA S.A. on compliance of activities with competition law
  • Audit of regulations and contract templates at mBank Brokerage Office
  • Provision of competition law advisory services to the Polish Association of the Cosmetics Industry
  • Audit of contractual templates for inCredit
  • Conducting a legal audit for Aasa Polska S.A.
  • Conducting a legal audit for Twino Group
  • Conducting a legal audit for Idea Bank
  • Legal services for LUX MED Group in the field of consumer protection
  • Representing Vivus Finance sp. z o.o. before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in proceedings concerning advertising and contract templates
  • Provision of advisory services in the field of competition law for the Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych

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