GESSEL provided comprehensive legal advice to R22 S.A. and H88 S.A. on their investment in Sellintegro sp. z o.o., which specialises in automation and mass integration of management and accounting systems within e‑commerce platforms. The R22 group is now better positioned with its own e-commerce offerings.

GESSEL’s input included the due diligence study, drafting and negotiation of the transaction documents, and support at closing.

Our project team was led by Karol Sokół, partner and included Michał Osowski, senior associate and the associates Jędrzej Besztak and Dominik KaszubaJędrzej Besztak also coordinated the due diligence study, which was conducted by Przemysław Przybył and Agnieszka Nowacka (senior associates) and Dominik Kaszuba and Karolina Sobóla (associates).

R22 is a dynamically expanding tech group which offers a range of solutions devised to help businesses make the best of the internet by automating processes in fields such as communications, marketing, and sales. The client base of R22 includes small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large conglomerates. The group provides hosting services and domains, SSL certificates, e-commerce infrastructure, and a palette of communications services such as customer outreach via SMS and e-mail.

Sellintegro operates in the SaaS model, providing tools for automation and mass integration of IT systems. Its original technology enables rapid integration of e-commerce systems with accounting, warehouse, logistics, and sundry other systems (ERP, CRM, WMS). Sellintegro is a leader in this field in the Polish market.