Competition law

We provide comprehensive advice in the area of unfair competition law and antitrust laws. We represent clients in cases before Polish and international institutions, including the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the European Commission.

We provide comprehensive advice in the field of competition law, including:

  • Concentrations of business enterprises – assessment of the necessity of obtaining antitrust clearance for contemplated concentrations (i.e. mergers, take-overs, asset acquisition, incorporation of companies) and preparation of concentration filings; representation of enterprises in proceedings before antitrust authorities (the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the European Commission);
  • Competition and Consumer Protection – advice on, and representation in, proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and appeal proceedings before the general courts on competition cases (abuse of dominant market position, competition-inhibiting collusions such as tender rigging) and on cases concerning violation of collective consumer interests and unfair competitive practices;
  • Litigation – claims concerning competition law violations – advice on court proceedings seeking compensation for harm occasioned through breach of competition law;
  • Unfair exploitation of contracting advantage – analysis of commercial agreements for supply of comestibles, advice on best practices;
  • Standard form contracts, regulations, implementation – drafting standard agreements and bodies of rules for use in day-to-day commercial operations, audit of business processes and advice on their modification (e.g. compliance programmes or procedures to be followed in the event of an unannounced inspection by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection), including services tailored for entities active in sectors subject to special regulatory regimes (e.g. finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance, or telecoms).

We also offer training sessions and workshops in the areas described above.

GESSEL Competition Practice is led by partner Bernadeta Kasztelan-Świetlik.

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